Hello Hello Houten!

Hello Hello Houten!

In June 2019 Houten held a Cycling Festival and I was lucky enough to help promote that on our local radio station

(which indeed…is a little like taking coals to Newcastle).

My job was to talk about our journey to Houten as well as pick a song I thought might wake up its inhabitants on a Thursday morning…

so I brought out the big guns and introduced them to the Cat Empire.

They’re welcome!

My apologies to hosts Brigitte, Cees en Wilma for my less than perfect timing. It was rather hard to hear on the mobile phone.

But it was a lovely and very funny thing to do and it makes me exceedingly happy to think of some of my co-Houtenaars suddenly dancing around the kitchen wondering why they’re chatting up imaginary beauties from their youth.

This little film is a collection of images from Houten over the show’s audio track as well as my English Subtitles for Non-Dutchies

(who will forever remain blissfully unaware of how less-than-perfect my Dutch actually is ;-))