Your favorite music!

Your favorite music!

Around the world, people like all sorts of different music.

For some, music is something they can’t do without.

For others, it’s just noise.

But for many, music means something important.

It tells the stories we don’t know how to tell ourselves, helps us understand or cope with our feelings, distracts us from difficult times and it’s rhythms, melodies and harmonies grab us and make us happy.

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When I was a teenager, here’s what people were dancing to in their bedrooms.



And here’s what I was listening to or learning to sing or play.


So, there are lots of different styles of music!

What’s yours?

Grab a friend and make a presentation together about what you really love and why.

It can be about one song or a whole style of music.

It might be in Dutch, English or any other language.

You might even what to teach a song to the class.

(If so, pick a video with subtitles). 

Your presentation needs to be between 10 and 20 minutes long. No more!

If you like, we can even put your choice on this page (as long as it’s suitable for little kids too!)


Well done Iris and Demi!

They brought us our first presentation, a gorgeous song by Marco Borsato, about the beauty of being alive.


Then, Lara and Malou showed us two versions of Duurt Te Lang (Takes too Long) and explained the differences and which they preferred and why.

Excellent job girls!



Tess, Meike and Louise

Intisaam, Britt and Amira

Marit and Sem

Ilias and Jesse

Mike and David

Lisa and Veere

Floor and Kim

Maarten and Julis

Onno and Justin