Days of the Week

Days of the Week



Days of the Week

Kylie van Dam


Monday, Tuesday,

Ticky Ticky Tuesday.

Wednesday stuck in the middle.

Thursday, Friday,

Time to say goodbye-day,

The working week is done.

Need to wriggle!

Saturday Sunday,

Those are the fun days,

Sleeping in and hanging out,

Make some noise and run days.

Then go to bed you sleepy-head

And start again on…



Photo Bankim Desai, India


It’s hard to know the difference between ‘wiggle’ and ‘wriggle’.

To ‘wiggle’ is a gentle and considered action, something you think about and can control, like wiggling your fingers or hips.

To ‘wriggle’ is a big more wild and instinctive, more energized, like a baby who doesn’t want to have their nappy changed. If that baby’s really wriggling, she kicks her legs, arches her back and throws her arms around as well!

And you?

You know that feeling when you just can’t sit still at school …and your legs keep moving and your want to get up and walk about…but can’t…so just jiggle around a bit and hope the teacher doesn’t see?

That’s wriggling!


Photo Kinga Chichewicz, Munich

Photo Marcus Wallis, Adelaide

Photo Mi Pham, Viet Nam

Photo Annie Spratt, UK




here are some phrases and vocabulary from TIE Unit 3, Just In Time.

Have a talk and see what you can learn about each other’s week.


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