Family Tree

Family Tree

Here’s a clapping song I wrote about the family tree.

For Grandma and Grandpa clap up high, Mum/Dad, aunties/uncles clap in the middle and for all the brothers/sisters/cousins, clapped down low.

All that activity plus singing makes it extra tricky, but I know you can do it!


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Family Tree

Kylie van Dam

Mum and Dad have a mum and dad too:

Grandma and Grandpa to me and you.

Mum has brothers and Dad sisters too:

Aunties and uncles to me and you.

All those siblings have lots of girls and boys,

A cacophony of cousins making

Too much noise

And Grandma screams

‘Be quiet…

Or you get no Christmas lunch!’

Oooo we cousins are a rowdy bunch.

Family, family

All these people love

You and me.

Family, family,

We’re a great big