So…how’s life? Bit busy? As in…too…!!!!

It’s quite the trend.

But why?

What makes us the questing animal? Why are we always at least a little dissatisfied and why do we always push just that bit further?

I mean, it’s great and I’m not complaining about the bigger picture: we have fire, steel, astounding medicines, psychology, space travel, politics, art, the internet…

But sometimes it’s exhausting living with the brain that drives all that bettering-of-the-human-race.

So…Kylie says…

‘go for it. Take some time off and stop listening to that busy organ in your head for a while’.

Sometimes it’s just time for a holiday!





Kylie van Dam
September 2019


Everybody needs a holiday.

Time off from

Time in the head.

From questioning and answering,

Raging and chancering.

Time off, from making

The bed.


Everybody needs a little time away.

This living will surely

Bring death!

The constancy of normalcy.

Eating, sleeping,

Trying to be happy,

Despite the noise

In the



This brain is quite a strain,

It likes to jump and jump again,

Always searching for answers

Not there.

If it knew what to do, to be

Quietly quietly comfy,

Yes…I’m fully aware,

We wouldn’t be here.



Everybody needs some

Lazy days.

To let go, stop being their


Stop trying,

Don’t care,

Walk away,

None of its going anywhere.

‘Cause we’ll explode

If we don’t