Olivia O’Keef Art Gallery Feb 2022

Olivia O’Keef Art Gallery Feb 2022

Kylie and uke Olivia's feb 2022

On the 26th of February 2022 I performed two sets of my music at Olivia O’Keefe’s art gallery in Houten, The Netherlands.

Olivia’s been running her gallery and workspace for 14 months now and after the long hard years of Covid, we loved the idea of

coming  together and creating a special day of art and music for our local community to enjoy.

So, families took part in small art workshops while they and the general public listened to songs I’ve written for all ages over the last few years.

English is spoken extremely well in NL, but it remains a second language and sometimes

people need more time with it than I can give them at a gig.

So, below is a set-list for those who might like to listen closer to the music and text (which is always available via sub-titles).

If you weren’t at the gig, I hope you enjoy this collection.

If you were, I hope you had a gorgeous day with us.

We did!

Olivia's pouring 2022

The Artist

Kylie van Dam


I want to make things with my hands.

Pictures and paintings and

Castles in sand that won’t

Fall in the night and be

Gone in the morning,

All my ideas crumbled down.


I want to make thoughts into real.

Show them and know that they’re

From how I feel.

Watch them go out and be free

without me along,

Something I’ve made to

Stand strong.


Don’t you feel that way sometimes?

Like you need to write a story or a rhyme?

Don’t you just dream of squishing clay or building

Mud pots out of grime?

Don’t you want to know your mind?

Hold it in your hands in time?

Real and there.

A something you have


Kylie piano Olivia's feb 2022


Olivia drying pours feb 2022

Photos courtesy of René van den Brandt©2022