You And Me Makes We

You And Me Makes We

Yes, well, not ‘wee’, but ‘we’!

Alright, I didn’t quite think past naming this song for Dutch kids and forgot that English kids would read this title differently 😉

This is one of my very first songs and films, so the quality is not great.

But that can’t keep a good song down!

Music starts at approx 1 minute in.



You and Me Makes We

Kylie van Dam


Life is not so great if we don’t

See we’re not alone.

Stand equal with our friends and peers,

Share our food and home.

Childish tantrums, bullying,

Land us nowhere fast.

We end up standing all alone while

Others walk right past!

I am in the world and

So is she.

I am in the world and

So is he.

We are in the world,

You and me.

We are in the world,


Although the world can sometimes drive us


The trick to growing up is not so


As long as we stop thinking like a


And respect that others also play their