Nederlands Reclames met Engels Slogans.

Nederlands Reclames met Engels Slogans.

Here’s your task: 7 English slogans you hear used in Dutch adverts.

Write them in English, like I have below, then translate them, then write them three more times in English.

Here are some I heard on the TV the other night.


Nissan Qashqai – Expect More – We all benefit.

Nieuwe Peugeot 508 – What Drives You?

powerpeers – Power To The People

Mazda – Drive Together

Robeco – The Investment Engineers

Heineken 0% Alcohol – Now You Can


You can use the computer to help you with spelling and Google Translate for translation.

Write everything by hand! No computer print-outs!!!

And it doesn’t matter where you hear or see them. Perhaps on a building or billboard while you’re driving in the car.

Or maybe on the TV or online or even on the radio.

Easy Peasy Miss M’geezie!