One lesson, two lessons.

One lesson, two lessons.

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One lesson, two lessons.

One song, two songs.

One teacher, two teachers.

One website, two websites.

In English, when we have two or more of something, it’s called ‘plural’.

We usually show the plural just by adding a ‘s’ to the end of a word.

One kid, two kids.

One phone, two phones.

One cat, two cats.

One mum, two mums.


English isn’t always so simple.

Sometimes it doesn’t follow the rule at all and then…

One sheep, two sheep.

One fish, two fish.


One child, two children. 

One foot, two feet.

One man, two men.

One person, two people. 

One tooth, two teeth.


There’s a lot you just have to learn by heart.

Sorry about that!



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