School is Shut!

School is Shut!

Did Covid 19 shut your school too?????

Not nice, hey?!?

Luckily we have the internet, so you can keep on learning from home.

What’s also lucky, is that your teachers are very very good at using it!!

But…did you know that if this happened before the internet…

you’d have no computers, You Tube, Netflix or perhaps…

not even a TV.

What would you do then…stuck inside…with no way of contacting friends or watching shows??????

What a thought!!!!!!!

So…here’s a song about your life right now, today, in 2020.

In the second film, you can have a whole lesson on how to sing it

(just like my little Dutch kids get every week…

and they sing English reeeeeaaaaaallllllly well)!

Keep safe and well everyone…and we’ll see you at school when this is all over.




School is Shut!

Kylie van Dam

March 2020


School is shut. Yippee!

It’s time to play,

We’ve another holiday.

The school is shut. Hooray!

No more work,

We can mess about all day!!!

It’s all I’ve ever wanted…

It’s all I’ve ever dreamed…

It’s all I’ve ever wished for…

To be free.

Then they said…

Thank goodness for the internet,

We can carry on at home.

Online classrooms, work packets,

‘In fact, you might do better

Quietly alone’.

Maths and spelling, geography,

Painting smeared with hands.

Download, upload, log-in, log-out,

Don’t they understand?

This was our chance…

To live the dream…

Of almost every child…

Who’s ever been.

And it’s seriously annoying that we happen to be

Children of the internet…

At this time in history!