Stick it in the Bin!

Stick it in the Bin!

We have too many disposable face masks littering our environment.

That’s ridiculous!


Stick It In The Bin!

Kylie van Dam


It’s on your face

Or it’s in your hand.

It’s in your pocket,

Or it’s in your bag.

If it’s cloth, it’s in the wash.

And if not,

Stick it in the bin!

Disposable is not biodegradable.

Stick it in the bin!

We’re not facing the end of the world and about to be incinerated with all of our waste,

So ‘why really bother then’.

Stick it in the bin!

David Attenborough doesn’t have time to make another environmental awareness film

Specifically about the pollution caused by single-use face masks.

Stick it in the bin!


Shove it right in!

I know this pandemic is unnerving

And it feels like all the rules have changed.

But they haven’t.

The bin is still for putting rubbish in.

Stick it in the bin!

And these facemasks are fantastic and might get you safely through your day,

But if you don’t stick them in the bin,

Unlike this pandemic,

They’re never going away.

We’ll be vaccinated and hopefully recuperated

But we’ll be tripping over elastic and sliding out on more plastic.

Are you serious!!!

Stick it in the bin.

Take it off your face.

Store it somewhere safe.


Shove it, push it, place it, put it

Stick it…


The bin!