The Bauble is the Bubble

The Bauble is the Bubble

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2019!

There’s a lot we could talk about after the last of the twenty-teen years: world politics, the environment, changing social landscapes, domestic challenges, career highs and lows, physical and mental health…

But seriously…

Let’s just ban those topics for a couple of weeks and instead sleep in, stay up late playing board-games and

partake of a little too much yumminess.

So in that vein…The van Dams send friends and family around the world much love and good wishes for a quiet and comfortable party season to end the teens and jump into the ’20s with.

We hope it plays well and tastes excellent!




The Bauble is the Bubble

Kylie van Dam, December 2019


Rudolf and Father Christmas and

And all the angles and fairies on high,

Wish you sparkles and sprinkles of

Happiness and love

And just the right amount of family



And all the mummies and daddies

Who are running ‘round and round and round and round,

Wish you all of the joy they had when

They were girls and boys

And hope your presents don’t let you



‘Cause the bauble is the bubble we

Love to be in:

To laugh, to sing, to play.

The reflections and refractions from such a

Beautiful thing,

Make magical twilight of the year’s last



So eat up like there’s no tomorrow

And take a break from all the fights of yesterday.

We can do with the pause

Brought my Mr Santa Clause.

It’s time to play along

With Christmas…